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Is Kodi Illegal?

There’s a piracy app that lets users find any TV show, movie, or song you can imagine. Streams and downloads are both easy to find, and the software is already used by hundreds of millions of people. The name of this dastardly program? Google Chrome. That’s a crazy thing to report, right? Sure, it’s strictly […]

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How your neighbour’s Wifi is killing yours

Here at OpenWeb we are all about speed.  The problem though is, sometimes your Wifi will slow down with no explanation at all.  Who do you blame?  Perhaps your neighbour?  His Wifi could be interfering with yours. All that interference is bad for everyone’s network, even yours. Unless you live out in the country with no […]

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OpenWeb Fibre is here and it’s affordable

Having Fibre in your home is like having a Ferrari parked in your driveway.  It screams success and class.  However, up until now Fibre required very deep pockets.  Enter, OpenWeb Fibre. OpenWeb Fibre runs on the incredibly designed OpenServe Fibre network.  OpenServe offers the largest Fibre-to-the-Home footprint in South Africa.  Combined with access to our […]

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