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OpenWeb - Welcome Home!

Blazing Fast Uncapped Fibre

Broadband Supercharged!

Fibre Data Only (Excludes OpenServe Fibre Line)

Mega-Fast Broadband

Unlimited Data. Instant Activation!

Check your Fibre Coverage Here

4Mbps Uncapped Fibre Data Only
R 319 /M
8Mbps Uncapped Fibre Data Only
R 429 /M
10Mbps Uncapped Fibre Data Only popular
R 479 /M
20Mbps Uncapped Fibre Data Only popular
R 929 /M
40Mbps Uncapped Fibre Data Only
R 1219 /M
100Mbps Uncapped Fibre Data Only
R 2899 /M
OpenWeb Fibre is VERY Fast

and SUPER reliable!

OpenWeb’s Fibre Data runs on a world-class network with multiple core backup links in the case of a network event.  In plain English, your connection will be so fast and reliable you will make an appointment to come and hug us!

Where can I get it?

Your provide the Line, we provide the Data

You must have an OpenServe (Telkom) Fibre line installed and a Fibre router ready.  You will then be able to supercharge your line with our incredibly fast and reliable data.  If you would like us to manage the line and data for you (and would like to save even more money), Click Here to view our Fibre Data & Line combo packages.

Instant Activation

Get online now!

When you order an OpenWeb Fibre Data account your new account will be activated instantly.  This means that the goodness of OpenWeb will be available to you right now!

NO throttling!

We do not throttle

You are probably reading this because your current / previous ISP has throttled you until your Fibre line is blue in the face.  We here at OpenWeb have a STRICT ZERO throttling policy.  #ThrottlingMustFall





Your account includes 5 x FREE @openweb email addresses backed by our world-class network.




You are able to pay via credit card or debit order for your convenience.



Manage every aspect of your account including usage, security, port resets and more from our incredible control panel.


Real Fibre Access

OpenWeb offers true Fibre access.  No nonsense, fast broadband that you will love!


Fabulous support

We offer support via email or telephone when you need it most.





We NEVER throttle.  We shape only when it’s necessary, and unshape the rest of the time.








We are blushing a bit here.  We feel that if you promise something, you must deliver.  We promise only what we can deliver and over-deliver on!  Our packages have been created to be easy to understand.  We have tried to cut out all the technical jargon and make it a joy to own Broadband.  So many ISP’s hide behind their technical terms and never really tell you what the account you are paying your hard earned cash for is capable of.  We are open, honest and transparent about each of our products.  We also believe our Support is pretty darn good.  We invest in only the top technical staff that love our customers as much as we love you.


If you have any further questions, please email support@openweb.co.za


You would receive a cancellation reference number; this number would then be used should you want to follow up on the progress of your cancellation.


To Cancel your ADSL account and the associated debit order go here (www.openweb.co.za/cancellations) and fill in all the required details.

As per Section 8 of Openwebs ‘terms’ we require one (1) calendar months’ notice.


High latency and packet loss is not caused by the Data account (OpenWeb account). Our network has not experienced latency or packet loss for a number of years now. Also, our shaping does not increase latency, ever.
High latency and / or packet loss is almost always caused by a fault on the Telkom side, or the client hardware side.
Kindly call Telkom on 10210 and have them further troubleshoot with you.
If this comes out clear, kindly try using a different router with a LAN cable directly connected to the router. Do not use Wifi during testing.