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OpenWeb introduces Auto-Sync for ADSL – and the results are impressive

ADSL is an established solution which has been in use for several years, connecting people and businesses. It is also experiencing some degradation in line quality and strength as infrastructure ages. Fortunately, OpenWeb has been paying attention. The ISP has developed a new technology called AutoSync to overcome these challenges by automatically routing clients to the best connectivity path possible.

Auto-Sync dramatically improves ADSL performance by optimising constantly until it finds the perfect route, and is offered as a free, complementary service to OpenWeb’s Premium Uncapped and Business Uncapped package customers. It seems OpenWeb knows what its customers want and created the perfect solution to their problems.

What’s nice about Auto-Sync is that it provides a solid connection with a stable latency. The gamer, the entrepreneur, the home office and the small business are assured of reliable and crystal clear connectivity as and when they need it. The technology ensures they get to use their business-critical applications, access their VoIP, make WhatsApp calls and play their games and so much more.

Auto-Sync. Clients get a unique product with the best experience – a package that’s better than what most ISPs provide.

As well as Auto-Sync, OpenWeb has also recently launched another solution – this one is designed to transform the streaming experience. Flawless Streaming uses the same advanced technology to route users to the nearest and fastest server, rapidly assessing more than 100 different streaming sites, including Twitch, Netflix and YouTube. It locates and accesses the nearest and fastest while also prioritising those on the network. It is, as the name suggests, flawless.

So, when it comes to making the most of connectivity, OpenWeb have got it right. A free set of services designed to radically transform customer experiences and ensure perfect connectivity and superb streaming. The only question left is – what are you waiting for? Find out more on: http://openweb.co.za/uncapped-adsl/