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Trade in your old ADSL ISP and pay R0.00 for June

It must be Slow Season again in the ISP world as we have been welcoming so many new clients in the last few weeks due to their internet being slow and latency sky high.  There is nothing worse than firing up your favourite episode of Game of Thrones and all you can see is a pixelated image of Queen Daenerys I Targaryen.

Stop this nonsense!  Why pay over your hard earned money to an ISP that does not value you or your Binge Weekend?

We have decided to come to the rescue.  For the entire month of June, we are inviting you to Trade in your ISP and grabbing one of OpenWeb’s High Quality products.  To sweeten the deal, if you signup now, we will offer you the following:

  •  Pay R0.00 for the entire month of June 2017 on all Uncapped accounts (Home, Premium and Business)
  • FREE Streaming and Gaming Booster packs loaded to ALL new accounts for the month of June 2017
  • A MUCH better network experience on all product levels – our network has redundancy built on top of redundancy, and we focus on offering fast speeds and low latencies 24 / 7.

That’s not all.  We have also decided to run a promotion, where the price of the account will be locked in for the life of the account:

2Mbps Home Uncapped – R99

4Mbps Home Uncapped – R139

8Mbps Home Uncapped – R199

10Mbps Home Uncapped – R249

20Mbps Home Uncapped – R329

40Mbps Home Uncapped – R659

A few T’s and C’s apply, but nothing crazy and annoying:

  •  Pricing is for the data account only.
  • Client must have a Telkom ADSL line installed to use the products
  • We will be more than happy to host your line for you as well, but this will be for an additional fee (not more than Telkom).

Hop on over to this link and grab your bargain right away:  http://openweb.co.za/specials/#pricingplans

We look forward to welcoming you to a world of First Class Internet.  Go on, Trade in your ISP today!