Black Friday Month! Massive Uncapped ADSL Sale -

Black Friday Month! Massive Uncapped ADSL Sale

Welcome to Black Friday Month.  Here at we take our responsibility to our clients very seriously.  In a nutshell, we strive for: 1.  Fantastic Customer Service 2. ZERO Throttling, ever 3.  Affordable Broadband products.

Keeping the latter in mind, we decided to have a monster Uncapped ADSL data special that will put any other broadband special to shame!

Before we get to the good stuff, let’s share the nitty grittys of the promotion:

  1.  You must already have a Telkom ADSL line or OpenServe Fibre line installed.  These products are data only.  They are great as your main data special, or even a backup account when your ISP throttles you.
  2. The accounts will work on both Telkom ADSL lines and Telkom / OpenServe Fibre lines.  It will not work on any other network.
  3. November 2018 is free.  You will only start paying on 1 December 2018.  See it as an early Christmas present from us.
  4. You must have a line that matches the speed of the account you purchase.  Eg. If you have a 4Mbps ADSL / Fibre line and you buy a 10Mbps account, you will only get around 4Mbps
  5. The account is not throttled, but it is semi-shaped.  Instead of slapping on a pathetic FUP limit, like most of our competitors do, slowing you down so that you chuck more money at them, we do things differently (and have been for over 13 years!).  We only slow down the heavy protocols like massive downloads when the network is busy.  If the network is not busy, we do not slow these down.  We do not touch your Streaming and similar.  You have a right to Netflix!
  6. Current clients cannot change to this package.  However, you can purchase it as an additional package.

Now for the fun stuff!  Pricing:

4Mbps Uncapped – R99 pm

8Mbps Uncapped – R129 pm

10Mbps Uncapped – R159 pm

20Mbps Uncapped – R199 pm

40Mbps Uncapped – R399 pm


Happy Streaming!

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