ISP launches promotion offering up to 65% off on ADSL -

ISP launches promotion offering up to 65% off on ADSL

ADSL prices have been decreasing since 2005 to such a point that ISP’s have started reducing the quality in the products that they offer.

May ISP’s feel that they should throttle their clients when their networks are busy.  Throttling will take your line speed and halve it.  This leaves you with incredibly slow speeds that can frustrate the bravest souls.

One ISP have vowed to never throttle their accounts. have been at the forefront of innovation since their humble beginnings back in 2004.  Back in the day, they were the only ISP to offer international proxies to free users from the throttling hammer of the ISP’s.  Later, OpenWeb introduced one of the first Uncapped products to the market back in 2006.

This ISP seems to have come to the party again.  They have just announced an ADSL promotion that offers users up to 65% off.  Check out these prices and pay bills all in one payment:

Some things to note:

  • The accounts are shaped, not throttled.  Shaping is only applied when the network is very busy, even on these promotional accounts.
  • You must have an ADSL line and router in order to use the product
  • They have only released 500 of the accounts at the above price
  • If you order in the next 24 hours, you will get the rest of November 2016 at no charge.  Only start paying from 1 December

The ISP has revealed that the packages are available immediately from their website:

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