ISP to offer Free Uncapped ADSL on promotion -

The recent petrol price hikes in South Africa has caused a many to re-think their internet spend.

OpenWeb, one of South Africa’s most innovative ISP’s will be offering a new promotion that can save you a lot of money on your internet data spend.

The ISP has dropped the charge for July on all their Uncapped accounts which effectively means that any signup from today onwards will be Free for the rest of the month.

In addition to that, they have also introduced guaranteed Unshaped speeds daily between 19:00 and 07:00 on their Home Uncapped PLUS package, starting at only R229.

Read more on their PLUS package here:

The ISP has also announced that they have made another 300 Home Uncapped Special accounts available, which too will be Free for the rest of the month.

Home Uncapped ADSL Pricing:

Package Speed Price
Home Uncapped 1Mbps R79More info
Home Uncapped 2Mbps R139 More info
Home Uncapped 4Mbps R199 More info
Home Uncapped 6Mbps R259More info
Home Uncapped 10Mbps R329More info
Home Uncapped 20Mbps R589More info

This progressive ISP has yet again proven that quality ADSL does not have to cost much.

We suggest you take up this offer soon as there are only a limited number of accounts left.

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