Massive ADSL price cuts announced -

Massive ADSL price cuts announced

Telkom has recently announced their IPC price cuts effective 1 June 2016.  It is expected that most ISP’s will be waiting for this date to announce their price reductions.  One ISP has however come through with a new offering that will save you a lot of money monthly.

OpenWeb has been a top South African ISP since 2005.  They have recently announced a new promotion that will see the prices of ADSL data cut by up to 60%.

Home Uncapped ADSL Pricing:

2Mbps Uncapped – R139 – Order Now

4Mbps Uncapped – R199 – Order Now

6Mbps Uncapped – R259 – Order Now

10Mbps Uncapped – R329 – Order Now

20Mbps Uncapped – R589 – Order Now

The ISP has also announced that ALL Home Uncapped Special accounts will be FREE for the rest of August 2016 and the fantastic pricing above will only kick in on 1 September.

There are few terms but nothing to worry about:

  • Pricing is for a data only account
  • Prices will be locked in for the life of the account. This means that the pricing will not go up while you have it, but may come down.
  • The client must have a Telkom ADSL line installed in order to use it.
  • The accounts will NEVER be throttled. Shaping will be applied during busy periods and the connection will be unshaped during off-peak times.

OpenWeb has also recently announced that they now offer ADSL Line Rental.  This allows you to pay the ISP for the line and data in a combo package – and if something goes wrong, OpenWeb will ensure the line is fixed as soon as possible.

The ISP has launched of these accounts into the market and expect the promotion to be sold out real soon.  We would suggest you take advantage of this incredible offer as soon as possible.

To order your package, you can visit OpenWeb’s website here:

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