OpenWeb Introduces Affiliate Program for Fibre, ADSL and LTE - Telkom Dealer - MTN Dealer -

OpenWeb Introduces Affiliate Program for Fibre, ADSL and LTE – Telkom Dealer – MTN Dealer

OpenWeb, one of South Africa’s most well known ISP’s has finally lifted the curtain on their new Affiliate Program.  With the new system, anyone can register and become an OpenWeb dealer.  By sharing your unique Reseller Referral link, all orders are tracked back to you and you will earn R100 commission on a successful sale.

A successful sale is when a client signs up, pays the initial pro-rata amount and stays with OpenWeb for at least one month.  To start, the affiliate program will pay once off commission on the following products:



LTE (Fixed and Mobile)

Affiliates who generate a certain amount of revenue, will be invited to the OpenWeb VIP Affiliate program, which will offer that affiliate a recurring income on all active clients they introduce to the ISP.

How does the program work?

You will advertise OpenWeb’s products, using your unique referral link.  OpenWeb will support and bill the client (zero risk to you) and we will pay you a once off commission of R100 for each sale.

Even if a potential client does not purchase a product the first time they visit the companies website, the smart affiliate system will remember that you introduce the client to OpenWeb first, and pay you when they return at a later date and make a successful sale.


We offer some of the most competitive pricing in the market.

Which networks do you offer?

Fibre – Vumatel, OpenServe, Frogfoot to mention just a few.  We have over 22 providers on our books.

LTE – MTN Fixed LTE and Telkom.

ADSL – We provide the data, your client can bring their own ADSL line.

This effectively allows you to become a Telkom Dealer and an MTN dealer.

How do I signup?

Signup here:

Who can join?

Anyone who wants to make extra money.

When will I be invited to earn a recurring commission?

If you consistently introduce clients to OpenWeb and your monthly revenue grows, we may, at our own discretion invite you to join the OpenWeb VIP Affiliate program, which will pay you a percentage commission monthly for every active client.

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