OpenWeb launches impressive new ADSL / Fibre network -

OpenWeb launches impressive new ADSL / Fibre network

Remember when we slipped in a one-liner last week hinting at some exciting
changes? Well, those changes are upon us!

OpenWeb has partnered with South Africa’s top backbone providers and have
built their own world-class ADSL / Fibre network. Over a year worth of
planning, testing and design have resulted in a network that we are very
proud of.

The benefits to our clients will be an overall improved experience on all
fronts. The network has 3 x times more capacity than the previous network.
We have also placed a large focus on getting the best hardware money can buy
and have spent Millions with no compromises.

The move was completed this week, having moved our clients in small batches
to avoid any large scale issues.

What does this mean for you?

* The majority of clients will notice a large improvement in overall
* Less shaping overall on our shaped products
* A network that is 100% Fibre ready

To celebrate the launch, we have reset all Capped clients back to 0GB for the rest of October.  In addition, all our Capped accounts now include a 3 x month data roll over.  (Don’t lose unused GB’s)

With pricing from only R1.97 per GB, can you afford to join OpenWeb?

To take a look at our incredible packages, kindly visit: or

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