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Kindly complete the below details in order to create your new OpenWeb Broadband account:

What would you like your profile password to be?
Would you like OpenWeb to host the DSL portion of your Telkom line? If so, you must please get Telkom or your current ADSL line host to push the ADSL line into the Telkom Wholesale Holding Pool. You can do this after you have placed your order.
Would you like to add 1 x Public Static IP Address to your order? This means that your Static IP address will remain the same. (Telkom changes your IP address each time your router is reset. With an OpenWeb Public Static IP, we will ensure that your IP is not changed.

By clicking the 'Signup Now' button, you confirm that you have read and agree to the OpenWeb Terms of Service. You also agree that you have a working Telkom ADSL line installed.