Savvy internet users are choosing Premium ADSL, here's why -

Savvy internet users are choosing Premium ADSL, here’s why

Over the last 6 months we have noticed a large increase in the number of Premium Uncapped ADSL accounts sold.  The boost in sales were very unusual and led us to a full-scale investigation.  We surveyed 1000 of our new clients who joined us in September and the results were surprising!

The survey was very simple in nature, but we were fascinated by the outcome.  We simply asked our new Premium clients:  Why did you choose a Premium product opposed to any other product?  and Why did you leave your Ex-ISP to join OpenWeb?

Over 80% of the clients who responded indicated that they are tired of the shaping and throttling they were experiencing on the cheap accounts doing the rounds and that their Ex-ISP’s used to slow their connections down to unusable levels after only a few GB’s worth of usage.

After two weeks we performed a follow-up survey with one single question:  Are you enjoying your Uncapped Premium account from OpenWeb?

We were very proud when over 95% of the clients responded with a resounding YES!  We called the 5% of clients who answered no and most of these clients were having some or other Telkom related ADSL line issue.

Let’s elaborate as to why over 95% of our Premium clients are LOVING our Home Uncapped Premium product.  It’s quite simple really:

  1.  Completely Unshaped, no matter how much data you use.  When we say Unshaped, we mean it!
  2. ZERO throttling!  Most ISP’s will call an account Uncapped and Unshaped, and then throttle you when they see fit!  We do not believe in this dodgy practise.
  3. Priority on the network.  You will get priority over all the other clients on the network.  When we say Premium, we mean it.
  4. Priority Support.  You will get access to our Senior Support staff without waiting.
  5. ADSL the way it was meant to be.  You will experience ADSL without any limitations.  You are the boss!  Download the internet, or Game until your joystick breaks.

Herewith some pricing – we kept them as low as possible without compromising on the quality:

Don’t waste your time on slow ADSL, order your package today.  Kindly visit:


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