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Why your ISP should never throttle you

Uncapped ADSL was introduced to the South African market a few years ago and was naturally well received by the industry.

Most clients immediately cancelled their capped product for an Uncapped account.

A few days went by and all was well in broadband land; until the Fair Usage Policy kicked in and the big throttle hammer knocked the account speed into the single digits.

Unfortunately, most ISPs in South Africa still throttle their clients extensively, leaving their ADSL account useless after they have reached a mythical usage limit set by the ISP.

A more favourable method of managing clients is shaping.

The difference between throttling and shaping is huge.

When you are throttled your entire connection is slowed down to a very low speed.

When you experience shaping, only the heaviest protocols, such as torrents and heavy downloads are shaped, leaving you to enjoy full speed on the other protocols, such as streaming, browsing etc.

OpenWeb is one of South Africa’s most successful ISP’s and have always been against throttling of any kind. This impressive ISP boasts one of South Africa’s most lenient Fair Usage Policies, and promise zero throttling across its entire product range.

“We only implement shaping on our Home Uncapped PLUS products. This means that only the heaviest protocols are slowed down during peak times. During off peak times our clients have the run of our network and push masses of bandwidth”, explains Paul Walters, Chief Engineer at OpenWeb.

OpenWeb sells a number of products that will suit every need.

Today we will highlight their Home Uncapped PLUS product that Guarantees Unshaped access daily between 19:00 and 07:00.

Home Uncapped PLUS Pricing

Packages Speed Price
Home Uncapped PLUS 1Mbps R129
Home Uncapped PLUS 2Mbps R229
Home Uncapped PLUS 4Mbps R389
Home Uncapped PLUS 6Mbps R449
Home Uncapped PLUS 10Mbps R549
Home Uncapped PLUS 20Mbps R999

Account Features

  • Guaranteed Unshaped access daily between 19:00 and 07:00
  • Priority on Streaming 24 / 7
  • Priority on Gaming 24 / 7
  • Instant Activation

To order your Home Uncapped PLUS account today, kindly visit: http://openweb.co.za

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