OpenWeb Clients get Free Cloud Storage
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OpenWeb Enhances Client Offerings with 10GB Free Cloud Storage on Nextcloud Platform, a prominent Internet Service Provider in South Africa, is elevating its service offerings by providing 10GB of free cloud storage to all its new and existing clients, powered by the Nextcloud platform. This initiative underscores OpenWeb’s commitment to delivering innovative and value-added services to its customers.
Nextcloud is widely recognized for its robust security measures, including end-to-end encryption that ensures user data remains private and secure from unauthorized access. As an open-source platform, Nextcloud offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing users to customize their cloud services according to their specific needs, which is an attractive feature for both individual and corporate users.
The platform’s compatibility with multiple operating systems and its user-friendly interface enable clients to manage files, contacts, calendars, and more across various devices, providing a seamless experience whether at home or on the move. This includes an automatic sync feature, where devices can be set up to continuously synchronize important files, documents, and photos, ensuring that all data is up-to-date and accessible from any location.
By utilizing Nextcloud for its cloud storage services, OpenWeb ensures that as long as individuals remain clients, they will benefit from this secure, adaptable, and user-friendly cloud storage solution. “Utilizing Nextcloud allows us to offer our clients a top-tier cloud storage solution without compromising on security and functionality,” said an OpenWeb spokesperson. “We are excited to provide a service that enhances the digital experience for all our clients at no additional cost.”
Clients interested in activating their free 10GB cloud storage can do so by visiting
This move by OpenWeb to use the Nextcloud platform reflects the company’s ongoing dedication to integrating cutting-edge technology to meet and exceed the expectations of modern internet users in South Africa, while providing practical functionalities like automatic data synchronization.