OpenWeb Introduces Reseller Partner Program for Fibre, ADSL and LTE -

OpenWeb Introduces Reseller Partner Program for Fibre, ADSL and LTE

OpenWeb, one of South Africa’s most well known ISP’s has finally lifted the curtain on their new Reseller Partner Program.  With the connectivity landscape changing daily, you need a partner that can adapt and offer products that will allow you to build and maintain your client base without the added hassle of negotiating with the hundreds of different providers in the industry.

OpenWeb’s Reseller Partner Programs offers an ISP Wholesale channel for the following product baskets:



LTE (Fixed and Mobile)

Hosting – Launching in January 2020

How does the program work?

You will own your own client.

You will bill and support your client.

We will bill and support you.

You buy from us and we supply you.  You supply your client.


We offer competitive pricing – you will add any profit you see fit and bill your client accordingly.

Which networks do you offer?

Fibre – Vumatel, OpenServe, Frogfoot to mention just a few.  We have over 22 providers on our books.

LTE – MTN Fixed LTE and Telkom Premium

ADSL – We provide the data, your client can bring their own ADSL line.

How do I signup?

Easy – simply email our dedicated Reseller Channel on

Who can join?

Any Company that offers IT / ISP / Connectivity services in South Africa are eligible to join.

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