Start your own ISP and make money -

Start your own ISP and make money

Starting an ISP in South Africa is no easy feat.  You need a couple of Million to invest in the infrastructure and network.  Then you haven’t even considered staffing costs, marketing, websites and management tools.  Surely there must be an easier and more affordable way?

Well, funny you should say that.  OpenWeb, a Leading ISP in South Africa have been offering an incredible Resellers program for over 12 years.  The program is backed by their world-class broadband network that supports the provisioning of  ADSL and Fibre data accounts.  Accounts are assigned on a whitelabel realm and are instantly created when you order the package.

They have created an innovative resellers panel that will allow you to manage any aspect of your client accounts such as the changing of passwords, session information, usage graphs and a whole lot more.

Here’s the best bit:  You only have to spend R1000 per month in order to qualify for their 5% discount on all the accounts they have on sale on their website (and you can sell them all!).

Herewith the discount structure breakdown (monthly spend):

  • R0 to R999 – No Discount
  • R1000 to R9999 – 5% Discount
  • R10 000 to R25 000 – 7.5% Discount

Further discounts will be applied as your spend increases.

I have saved the best for last – You can start selling ADSL and Fibre data accounts today (right now actually).  Their resellers panel works on a prepaid model.  You load money into your account, you create an account and voila, your client is online.

Get up and running in 5 minutes flat by visiting their lovely Resellers panel:

Good luck with your new venture!

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