Uncapped up to 10Mbps Data Deal for R399
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Uncapped and Unlimited 4G / 5G Data SIM / AirFibre

4G / 5G

Uncapped 10Mbps

  • Uncapped up to 10Mbps
  • Uncapped LTE Anytime - works 24/7
  • Use your own LTE router
  • Free Delivery
  • Plug and Play
  • Month to Month
  • Network selection is at OpenWeb's discretion
R399per month
4G / 5G

Uncapped 20Mbps

  • Uncapped up to 20Mbps
  • Uncapped LTE Anytime - works 24/7
  • Use your own LTE router
  • Free Delivery
  • Plug and Play
  • Month to Month
  • Network selection is at OpenWeb's discretion
R499per month

Superfast Speeds

With an Average speed of around 10Mbps and 50Mbps (coverage and router dependent), you finally have a product that offers you Quality over Quantity!

Network Selection

OpenWeb will select which network you will be using. This ensures the best performance for your service.

Month to Month

You can choose to pay for your router once off at a cost of R1699 and activate a month to month service or you can also use your own LTE compatible device.

All Inclusive Price

No more hidden costs and weird Analogue line rentals, The price you see is the price you pay.

A Few Things to Note About *LTE-A Mobile Wifi

What is the FUP on the Uncapped LTE Data SIM?

There is no FUP on these packages at this stage.

Can I use the SIM card in my phone?

For the best performance, we would suggest you use the SIM in a router, however, this SIM will work in a phone (coverage dependent).

Are speeds guaranteed?

Due to the nature of Wireless (LTE) technology, speeds are reliant on many factors.  It is therefore that OpenWeb cannot guarantee your speed.  If you are experiencing slow speeds, kindly move the router around your house.  A different spot may be closer to the tower you are using and improve speed and stability.

I have used up my data, can I topup?

You most definitely can! Simply drop our OpenWeb LTE Service Champions a mail on [email protected] to get you loaded up.  Alternatively, login to our client panel here and topup instantly with a credit card:  https://home.openweb.co.za

Are there any contracts?

Unless otherwise stated when you signup (it will clearly be advertised), all plans are month to month with a calendar months cancellation notice requirement.

What happens when I move? Can I use my LTE-A service at another location?

The great thing about the LTE-A Mobile Wifi product is that you can literally use it anywhere in South Africa where there is coverage. It is a truly mobile service.

I already have an LTE-A router, do I still have to pay the once off setup fee?

You can select a contract where we supply you with a router, or you can use your own 🙂

What speed will I get on the LTE-A Mobile Wifi service?

Speed is reliant on your coverage and which router you use. If your coverage is great, you will get great speeds. On Average users get between around 10Mbps and 50Mbps (on Capped plans).  However, some routers are not true LTE-A routers (like the Huawei B315) – however, that has not been shown to affect speeds greatly.

For Uncapped plans, speed is limited to a maximum of the speed you have purchased.

Eg:  Uncapped up to 10Mbps will give you a maximum of 10Mbps – but due to the nature of wireless technology, speed cannot be guaranteed.

What is LTE-A and what makes it so special?

LTE-A is the big brother of LTE. It works at around 3 to 5 times faster than normal LTE and is around 20 times more reliable and consistent.

What our clients have to say

My favourite part of being an OpenWeb client is the fact that I get even more speed than what I pay for.  Uncapped up to 10Mbps equals like 12Mbps.  I shouldn’t be telling them should I?

Jacob H.

Try these guys out, really went above and beyond to get my parcel to me on time even though I live in an area that couriers do not like to go to most of the time. I felt like I was informed all the way and feedback time usually pretty quick. By far one of the best tech companies I dealt with in South Africa.

Anisha B.

I am very happy with my new mobile sim card product. I use no more than 100gb when commuting from home to work and back each month, so the low priced mtn option really appeals to me. I recommend for anyone who travels because this works great in a phone. I use a mobile router however because I keep my telkom sim in my phone. Works just as good! I will be sharing the results with my family as well because this is very convenient. The best part? NO CONTRACT like with other ISPS. praise be!

Charlie M.

I have been using OpenWeb for the last 8 years. I have my 14 x branches across South Africa using a variety of ADSL & VDSL products from the company. I would just like to say thank you for being such a superb partner over the years. Oh and the gift you sent me for my birthday was such a surprise!

Sean Jooste

Guys, thank you so much for the help last week. Leon spent almost 3 hours on the phone with me trying to sort out my internet. Guess what, it was a fault on the router which we identified. I am so grateful for the wonderful service you provide. No company can match the level of care you have for your customers!

Dineo Moeketsi

Hey OW, remember when I emailed you last week about the Fibre trucks installing Fibre in my area? Well, it turns out that the truck was for me! My new Fibre line is up and running and I am sitting here watching a download peak at 99.8Mbps! To say I am happy is an understatement of note! Best wishes, your customer for life, Rowan.

Rowan du Preez