OpenWeb partners with South African Airways
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Fly High with Every Byte: OpenWeb’s Innovative Partnership with South African Airways Voyager Transforms Your Internet Spend into SAA Voyager Miles, a prominent Internet Service Provider, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with South African Airways Voyager, the national carrier of South Africa. This collaboration introduces an exciting offer for clients who sign up for OpenWeb’s Uncapped 4G/5G deals, enabling them to collect SAA Voyager Miles based on their monthly spend.

The offer applies to a range of products, including various uncapped 4G and 5G data plans. Here’s a brief overview of these plans:

1. Uncapped and Unlimited 4G/5G Data SIM (5G) – 2TB (2048GB): Priced at R697 per month, this plan offers 2TB of 4G/5G data, full speed, unshaped data usage, and is suitable for both streaming and gaming.
2. Uncapped 2Mbps (4G): This plan is available for R347 per month and offers uncapped LTE data, operational 24/7, with the flexibility to use your own LTE router.
3. Uncapped 4Mbps (4G): For R367 per month, users get uncapped data up to 4Mbps, along with the benefits of free delivery and plug-and-play setup.
4. Uncapped 5Mbps (4G/5G): Priced at R397 per month, this plan provides up to 5Mbps uncapped LTE data
5. Uncapped 10Mbps (4G/5G): Offering up to 10Mbps of uncapped LTE data, this plan is available for R497 per month
6. Uncapped 20Mbps (4G/5G): At R597 per month, this plan provides up to 20Mbps of uncapped data, with priority given to streaming
7. Uncapped 30Mbps (4G/5G): The highest tier in this range, priced at R697 per month, offers up to 30Mbps of uncapped data

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Clients who enroll in these plans will collect 1 x  SAA Voyager Mile for every R10 they spend. For those who opt for the Premium upgrade, the reward doubles, offering 2 x SAA Voyager Miles for every R10 spent. This partnership not only enhances the value of OpenWeb’s offerings but also adds an extra layer of benefit for frequent flyers of South African Airways Voyager, integrating connectivity with travel rewards.

The new partnership launches on 1 December 2023.